In CDI we help our clients transform themselves. We use the most powerful tool available in the market: the people; meaning your people, our people and your customers, to find the best way to impulse your organization, much further, into the future.

With CDI, companies do not just leap into the digital era. They become a much better place to belong to. Their people feel empowered, their clients feel nourished. There is not a single goal that cannot be faced together: they feel invincible.


Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissionning Of Servers For FY14/15 Hardware On Demand

2015 Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Pembelian Rack Mounted Web Server Untuk Kegunaan Kolej Teknologi Maklumat

2015 Bank Simpanan Nasional

Perolehan 30 Unit Terminal ‘P.O.S’ (Point Of Sale)

2015 Bank Simpanan Nasional

Cadangan Melaksanakan Projek MCCS, E-Debit Dan Chip & Pin (EBB) Untuk Bank Simpanan Nasional

Multimedia University (MMU)

Supply & Delivery 5 Panel YMCKO i-Series Ribbon with Cleaning Roller

2015 Bank Simpanan Nasional

Pembangunan Aplikasi ‘Barcode Scanner’ Untuk Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EBB) Untuk Bank Simpanan Nasional